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You pull into the Newberg Industrial Park - the last time you were here, someone lost their hand (scenario 11). This place simply sucks...

A harried security guard waves you in - he's not pleased.

Guard: "He's down in the back. I'll take you in."

Bob: "Right..."

The guard takes you to the back of the plant. There are enormous vats of product and the whole place smells of chemicals. The stench is so overwhelming that you soon can't smell anything anymore.

Bob: "Should we be wearing respirators, or moon suits, or something?"

Guard: "No... the air is clean. It stinks, but it's perfectly safe."

You arrive at the scene and find the patient collapsed. The company emergency team is all over him doing bystander CPR.

First Aider: "Billy was moving that vat when he didn't feel well. His eyes just rolled back into his head and he dropped like a ton of bricks! We jumped right on him with CPR - didn't waste any time!"

What first Bob?

Take over compressions
Attach your AED
Take over airway/breathing
Assess patient
Check/Summon ALS