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These are common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) program:

Q: How is MERT different than the CPR/First Aid training we've previously been doing?

A: MERT is an integrated program that teaches more than just skills - it teaches individuals to respond to emergencies.  In a first aid class a participant might learn bandaging, while in MERT the participant would learn to assess the patient, provide assistance to the injury, document the episode, and provide a solid hand-off report to the arriving EMS responders.

Q: What certifications are issued with MERT?

A: The certificates are more-or-less the same as with normal CPR/First Aid training, except a MERT site will generally have additional certificates for Bloodborne Pathogens, Oxygen Therapy, and AED.  They are the same nationally recognized certifications that you would receive with any other course.  It's just the training and the services package that is different.

Q: What does a MERT program consist of?

A typical MERT program consists of certification training, skills maintenance through periodic drills, equipment acquisition, software for tracking and skills maintenance, and policy and procedure writing.  MERT sites with AED's will also need medical oversight for their unit, and someone to make sure that the team is as up to date as possible (we do that with upgrades and other changes).

Q: What does a MERT client receive with their training?

A: This depends on the purchasing option.  You can purchase MERT equipment and training directly, or you can lease the program.  Purchase clients will need to work on a fee-for-service basis, while lease clients receive most program upgrades (new software, MERT bag upgrades, and/or policy & procedure changes) for free with their lease. 

Q: What is this MERT logo that I keep seeing?

A: That is the proprietary logo used in the program.  It adorns most of the program elements and equipment.  It is a trademark of Less Stress Instructional Services, and MERT clients are automatically licensed to use it for non-commercial purposes on their equipment, written policies and materials, and around their site.  There are a number of MERT program products such as mugs and t-shirts available from the on-line store.  We find that it gives teams a great deal of pride in the program and makes it look more sophisticated.  Please contact us if you have any questions about use of the logo at your facility.



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