How can Less Stress Instructional Services Help with this Project?

AED Program Implementation

It's not terribly difficult to start an AED program, but it requires some technical expertise and attention to detail.  While it is not out of the realm of the average safety coordinator or other employee, many companies prefer to allow a consulting group such as Less Stress Instructional Services to handle the details. Since this type of management is relatively inexpensive, it will not greatly affect your budget to have professional attention to your life-saving program.  In general, a successful AED program will:

How can Less Stress help us with this project?

At Less Stress, we can help with all phases of your defibrillation project.  If you would like to manage your own AED device, our involvement can be as simple as just selling the unit.  If you would like program management, we can provide a more comprehensive service.   We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by providing many sophisticated service features: