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Emergency Medical Technician Instructor (New Jersey)

EMT Instructors certified by the State of New Jersey are one of the rarest units of labor in EMS.  There are just over 300 certified EMT instructors in NJ, with many of them not teaching actively. Those who have the persistence to finish the long road to instructorship are awarded the privilege of joining a very exclusive club.

Becoming an EMT instructor requires that the candidate:

The process for becoming an instructor requires that the candidate complete an EMT Instructor Aideship with an accredited EMT training center:

At the end of the process, candidates will be eligible for certification from the Department of Health and be able to teach the EMT program, evaluate the performance of candidates, and teach elective and refresher courses.  

Less Stress Instructional Services sponsors candidates to become EMT Instructors.  We also hire EMT instructor aides to teach CPR and EMT refreshers.  EMT Instructor Aides are also offered the opportunity to take any training programs offered at Less Stress Instructional Services, and to acquire other EMS instructorships they are interested in.  If you have an interest in educating the next generation of EMS providers, contact us with your resume so we can discuss your future in Emergency Care Education.

Instructor Training

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BLS/CPR/AED Instructor

American Heart Association training for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and AED use.

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Defensive Driving Instructor

Defensive driving course instructorship that permits instructors to grant point reduction and insurance discounts

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CEVO III Train-the-Trainer

National Safety Council instructor training for emergency vehicle operation.

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EMT Instructor

Development for beoming a New Jersey Emergency Medical Technician Instructor.

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Bloodborne Pathogens Instructor

Training for teaching and administering the program for OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens standard

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Hazard Communication Instructor

Training for teaching and administering a program for OSHA’s Hazard Communication standard.

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Respiratory Protection Trainer

Training for teaching and administering a program for OSHA’s Respiratory protection standard.

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