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 Discussion Groups

These forums are designed to provide you with a resource for discussing issues and requesting assistance from other list members

The following discussing groups are provided at no cost by Less Stress Instructional Services. Please keep in mind that it takes time, money, and resources to maintain the lists. As a result, there are a few basic rules:

a) The lists are strictly non-commercial in nature. List members who blantantly advertise on the list serve will be subject to immediate removal. Make no mistake, we mean it. These lists are for the education of their members, not to hock products or services. Here is an example:

Good Post - "I can help you there George, contact me off list"

Bad Post - "I'm having a sale on that AED, for the next 24 hours you can buy it at $3500! You can't beat our prices anywhere!"

b) We expect all members to treat each other fairly and with respect - including competitors. We will not tolerate unprofessional behaviors such as bad mouthing competing products. We reserve the right to remove list members cannot adhere to our standards of courtesy.

c) In general, you tend to make new associates and friends on these lists. Please keep in mind that although you might know a list member by email address, that does not mean that they may not have a virus on their computer. You should take all precautions that you would normally take with any email before opening attachments or other 'high risk' email from list members. By using this listserv you hold Less Stress harmless for any damages to computer hardware/software caused as a result of the service. Keep your virus scan on!

d) At any time, you can come to this page to unsubcribe yourself from the lists. It is very easy, just send email to the links below. If for whatever reason this proves to be difficult, and we must do it manually, it may take 24 to 72 hours to accomplish this. Do not post to the list 1,000 times looking for removal. If you're in a rush, use this page.


Indcorpemerg - This stands for Industrial & Corporate Emergency Teams. This list is provided as a tool for members and coordinators of occupational emergency teams in companies to discuss recruitment, OSHA compliance, protocols, and other issues specific to responding to emegencies within a facility. Consultants, manufacturers, and trainers are also welcome provided they adhere to the non-commericial rule above.

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Instructorforum - This is our forum for coordinators, and instructors. It is a listserv dedicated to discussing the needs, problems, and strategies of commercial and non-commerical trainers. Manufacturers and accrediting agencies are welcome provided they adhere to the non-commerical rule above.

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