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Less Stress Instructional Services and CE-Solutions present:

On-Line Continuing Education Units for EMS Professionals

In response to your requests, we at Less Stress have teamed up with CE-Solutions to provide you with on-line EMS CEU's.

After checking out the new simulator, you can now take on-line courses for continuing education credits in 40 states! Check out if your state have approved on-line CEU's by clicking here


CE Solutions has a large database of continuing education courses available making it easy to meet your recertification requirements from the convenience of your own desktop. System administrators and supervisors can even sign up for organizational programs by calling us at (888) 277-3671. Fees for CEU's are as follows:




ECA/1st Responder 2 Years - Unlimited!


EMT-B 2 Years - Unlimited!


EMT-I 2 Years - Unlimited!


Paramedic 2 Years - Unlimited!


Credit Per Hour Program ($4 Per Hour) 5 Hour Minimum


National Registry 10 Hours


Sign up now and receive a free development copy of VOA - our dynamic resuscitation simulator! This patient reacts differently every time you try to resuscitate him. Watch him develop airway obstructions, change heart rhythms, and gain/lose a pulse all based on random numbers generated by the computer. And it's free when you sign up for a CEU course subscription with CE Solutions! Click here to check it out!

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