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It's been a killer week...

The week of Thanksgiving has always been a horrible week for EMS calls, with call volumes soaring to record levels. It has ten times as bad this year. N.U.T.T.S. is down four EMT's from a combination of vacations, firings, and the flu. The combination of a skeleton crew plus double the call volume has taken it's toll on the staff. Everyone is on double shifts - with some of the EMT's pulling three tours in a row.

As you walk into the N.U.T.T.S. staging area, you see most of your co-workers congregated around the breakroom table. The night crew (whose shift is ending) is muttering about having to run another shift, and the morning crew (which your part of) does not look any more refreshed. They are all talking about how deplorable the conditions are and how low the staffing is.

Onaka: "...Do you know how many runs we did on the overnight? TEN ! I should be sleeping on the overnight damn it! And I'm stuck riding the day and it's going to be twice as bad."

Peterson: "Pfff.... big deal. I don't remember the last time I was home... in fact, I'm not too sure where I live any more."

Gregory: "Well, I knew they were going to mandate another shift out of me, so I brown-bagged my lunch, dinner, and tomorrow's breakfast. We should just walk - this is ridiculous!!!"

The crews are mumbling sedition Bob... what are you going to do about it?

Nothing - it's management's problem

Join in and revolt

Rally the crews