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You're standing by while the fire department wraps up the latest car fire. As they roll up their hoses and wander away from the still smoldering automobile, Mortimer is sitting in front of the open hood trying to roast a marshmallow.

You've taken a healthier (and less carcinogenic) approach. You're sitting in your unit with a cup of coffee, keeping a close eye on your partner. You wouldn't want to miss it if he went up in flames!

In mid festivity, your radio blares with a slightly more important dispatch.

BLS 2 - BLS 2. Your job is in the Newberg Industrial Park for the unconscious/unresponsive!

You place your coffee in the cup holder and throw the unit into gear. As you pull away, you swing by the charred remains of the car and pick up your partner.

Mortimer: "Aww.... my marshmallow was almost ready."

Bob: "Let's go get an RMA from the unconscious guy at Newberg and then you can go back to your roasting."

Mortimer: "CAN WE REALLY?????."

Sometimes even you are amazed by Mortimer's stupidity...

Bob: "Sure... I'll put the pen in his hand and you can move the paper..."