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You pull your truck in front of the Retina/US Healthscare building. It's a large 50 story high-rise that houses lots of corporate and administrative offices for the insurance company. As the driver, you grab the resuscitation equipment on your side of the truck, and Mortimer does the same. A security guard opens the door for you, and you proceed to the lobby.

Mortimer: "Wait... I forgot the suction unit!"

Bob: "Jeesh... Give me the O2 kit and the AED and I'll start working the patient. Meet me upstairs with the suction unit."

Mortimer: "Be right back!"

Mortimer turns and runs back to the truck for the suction machine. You get to the elevator and push the button. After a moment, the elevator opens, slowly revealing the hooded figure inside.

This is really not funny! You're in the Retina/US Healthscare building trying to get to the 14th floor and Death is in the elevator. What do you want to do Bob?

Wait for the next elevator Take this one Take the stairs