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Rough day

It's a tough day in Mercy City. You've been running non-stop for 4 hours, and the jobs have been mostly silly primary care problems.

Bob: "What the heck is going on today? It's been job after job the whole shift!"

Mortimer: "The problem is that Mars is aligned with Jupiter."

Bob: "And that makes the fool with toe pain call 9-1-1?"

Mortimer: "Bob you simpleton, there are cosmic forces at work here that you don't understand..."

Bob: "You don't understand the concept of airway maintenance but I don't call you a simpleton!"


BLS 2 - proceed to the Retina/US Healthscare building for the unconscious/unresponsive!"

You feel a chill down your spine... Leroy the Skell (Mercy City's Homeless Oracle) once told you that you would meet a grim fate in this building. You shrug off the creepy feeling and jump in your truck, tearing off lights and sirens to the job.