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Pandemic Influenza Contingency Program

Pandemic Influenza is a real threat.  It is possibly the greatest potential public health risk we face as a society today.  The H5N1 influenza strain causing the disturbingly high percentage of fatalities in Asia is considered likely to mutate to a form that will allow human-to-human contact.  If it does, and it retains the high lethality, it could precipitate the most devastating health disaster in modern history.

Is your organization prepared?  The federal government has already mandated that critical infrastructure providers (utilities, telecom, etc) will need to make preparations to continue operations with 2/3 staff, for periods of 4-8 weeks, with the 2-3 occurrences possible in a 12-36 month period.  Achieving this will require aggressive planning, staff management, and counter-measures.

Less Stress Instructional Services has worked with major corporations in pandemic planning.  We can assist your organization in putting together a pandemic preparedness plan that allows your organization to prepare, react, and recover from a pandemic wave of illness and maintain operations as intact as possible.

Pandemic Influenza Contingency programs are custom consulting projects designed for your organization.  Please contact us at jmateus@lessstress.com for details about starting a program at your organization.