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EMS-Related Pages (Personal/Informational)

   Sue Hunter's Homepage - Great EMS-related site (instructor stuff too!) with lots of humor and quality presentation too! A MUST SEE PAGE! 

 EMS House of DeFrance - A great page from an alaskan EMS worker - Full of witty anecdotes and sly comments 

The Kentucky EMS Connection - A great page with details of Kentucky's EMS providers and their EMS delivery system.

JOES EMS HANGOUT!! - !! Playground for EMS volunteers!

Ambulance Service Homepage of Ireland - Information on EMS in the Republic of Ireland - Well designed and put together

Sandy Rosembaum's Homepage - A terrific site with great sound and there's some EMS stuff in there too! 

 Paramedicine.Com - A vast general site with tons (and more to come) content for paramedics. 

 MERGINET - A resource site with new flashes, articles, and classifieds.

Frankie's Favourites - Pretty cool site with lots of EMS warstories. 

John's 9-1-1 Page - A NJ EMS provider's personal page with lots of good personal info


   Kieran Smith's Homepage - A well designed multi-purpose website with terrific features.

 Tim's Medic Firehouse - You want graphics? Here you go! Tons of Fire-related sketches and gifs.... 

Learn CPR - A tutorial on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation with good hints & tips.

Texas CPR - A non=profit CPR training center in Texas.

Art Breault's Home page - A great personal homepage from a medic with good taste in music

 JoeMedics' Webpage - A really nice site from an ALS provider in Indiana.

 Officer Messer's DARE page A page all about the DARE drug education program with lots of good html writing.

 The Silver family's Home page - A neat display of a couple, their cats, and Disneyworld, in addtion to some other cool bits.

Angel's EMS Page- A personal page from a NJ provider

Bruce's Homepage - A site from a member of the Jacksonville Fire Dept.

Wacker world - An amusing EMS page. Check out the dictionary definition of "wacker". 

Mike's EMS Page - Great page with all sorts of easy-to-find itemized sections. 

jlhemt's EMS and other stuff - A neat site with a great example of proactive EMT public education. 

 ER Watch - a website dedicated to the NBC drama.

 Internet Medical Journal - All sorts of medical information.

Paramedics of British Columbia - An ambulance paramedic union in Canada with an interesting history

Fireweb - Informational resources for EMS providers - good downloads!

 Ricky McCrory's EMS/Cardiology Page - A terrific EMS page with a TONS of emergency cardiac care information

Doug's Home Page- A nice homepage from an instructor in New Hampshire.

LearnCPR.com - A streaming video CPR tutorial

  Miscellaneous Medicine/Health/Safety

 Safety League- Health and Safety resources as well as some EMS stuff.

 ScubaDoc - A page dedicated to dive medicine.

Inside Medicine - Medical resources, neckties, and a great phone card.

 Personal Growth Online - Interesting medley of mental health resources.

  The Midwest Nurse - A page with various nursing oriented and management links

Acute Care, Inc - An emergency physician staffing service

TEX Weird Nursing Tales - Tons of terrific nursing stories and assorted humorous bits.

Compuart - A company produciung health and safety software

EMS Products/Services

Emergency Training Associates - A terrific book reseller - save a ton at their website. Also, check out the freebie with every book sale!
Northwest EMS Associates - EMS consulting and products. 

Paramedical Personnel of Maryland - A training agency in Maryland with some great clipart

Gary Holmgren's Outdoors site - Interesting outdoors information. 

Carolina Care Concepts - A training agency in NC offering courses in CPR and PICC lines.

 EMS Advantage - Informational site with tons of data for all levels of EMS care. 

EMS Agencies

Whitehouse Station Rescue Squad - A somewhat local NJ EMS agency with really nice netspace 

Highland Park First Aid Squad - A local NJ squad site with some sophisticated animation

Granville Co. EMS - Neat site with some nice sound and great links 

Shohola Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company - A combined Fire/EMS dept. with a neat history page.

Queens Central EMS- A combined Fire/EMS dept. with a neat history page.

Prism Health Services- Another great EMS agency site!

Warwick Community Ambulance - Nice NY EMS agency site w/ agency info. 

Medic 41 - Elizabeth - A local NJ ALS-providing hospital.

 Lakehurst Volunteer First Aid Squad - Another NJ agency on the information superhighway.

GOVAC Unofficial home page - An EMS member's home page with some pretty interesting agency information.

  Rock County Ambulance - Same guy (Gary) different page - interesting pre-hospital information. 

 Professional EMTs and Paramedics, Local #1 - Interesting organized EMS labor site. 

Non-EMS Links

NONAGS - a shareware site with a ton of free files.

My Cookbook- On-line recipe club with lots of good food. A JADA production!

http://iwr.com/free - Join Link-Me Banner/Reciprocal Links Exchange DataBase! 500+ FFA's & MORE!

Free Offers & Reflexology Stress Relief Products

Vitamist Spray Vitamins - Liquid Vitamin information and sales.