EMS Courses

EMT Initial Training

The initial training to become an Emergency Medical Technician. Click Here for Details

Total Recert

A bundle of Hybrid EMT Refresher and 24.5 online EMT Elective CEU hours combined into one flat-rate fee for all the education needed for NJ EMT recertification. Click Here for Details

EMT Refresher Training

Required refresher session for Emergency Medical Technicians to renew their credential.

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EMT Elective CEU Training

Required elective continuing education for Emergency Medical Technicians

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Online EMT CEU Training

Online sessions allow EMTs to obtain required EMT continuing education credits.

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Emergency Medical Responder

Entry-level program to train non-transport EMS providers such as police officers, fire-fighters, and others expected to provide initial care before EMS arrives (formerly called First Responder).

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On-Site/On-Demand Simulation

Simulation is a training tool that provides students with a rich learning experience and is credited with improving performance at many clinical institutions.

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EMT Initial Training

Course Description:

Less Stress Instructional Services runs EMT certification programs in various northern and central NJ locations. Programs typically run for 1-3 months, and contain instruction necessary to prepare a student to function as an Emergency Medical Technician. After successful completion of this 190-hour program, the student is eligible to sit for the NJ EMT examination with the Department of Health. This program is professional technical training. Students will be expected to complete reading and homework assignments, attend classes, and complete all program objectives to sit for the state EMT certification exam. Some important facts about EMT training: Our classes routinely have waiting lists - it's incredibly important that you not register for the program unless you plan on being there. EMT training requires 190 hours of classroom time and hospital observation time. There are no 'sick days' or 'excused absences' in a NJ-State approved program. Missed sessions must be made up by attending other sessions - often at other training centers and at inconvenient times. Do not miss sessions needlessly. Timeliness is extremely important to this program, as there is a lot of material to cover in a limited amount of time. If you are not able to be at the course site by the course times listed above, consider registering for another program.

Course Length: 190 hours

Intended Audience: Those wishing to be certified as Emergency Medical Technicians such as aspiring EMS workers, Rescue Squad Volunteers, fire-fighters, police officers, or corporate/industrial safety workers.


  • Age 16 years or older
  • Current Professional Level CPR/BLS card
  • Ability to read/write to a 10th grade level
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Please note - Due to the nature of medical terminology and the complex concepts associated with emergency care, we have found that students are not successful unless they have a 10th grade ability to read/write/speak English. Of particular concern are individuals for whom English is a second language. Please note that it is your responsibility to self-assess your English skills. We do not refund tuition past the first day of the course, so please consider this carefully before registering for EMT class.


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