Pre-Hospital Gear

CPR Barrier Devices
4-O2 CPR shield w/ Keychain
Breathsaver CPR Shield w/ Keychain/Beltloop & Gloves
Soft Flex Filter Mask
Personal EMS Gear
EMT Scissors
Trauma Bag
MegaMedic Gear Bag
Responder Holster
Glove Pouch

Item 101: 4-O2 barrier mask: We have some independent testing that suggests that the 4-O2 mask holds up better against reflux than it's more popular counterpart, the CPR MICROSHIELD (R). 4-O2 is a large barrier device easily used during resuscitation for ventilation of the unconscious patient. Featuring a one-way valve to block air and reflux, 4-O2 is a popular device for both CPR student and experienced rescuer alike. Comes on a handy keychain for easy storage.


4-02 Barrier Mask- $7.50 each


Item 102: Breathsaver - On a larger keychain, the Breathsaver is almost identical to 4-O2. Operating much like the the above device, Breathsaver offers full protection on a keychain, including gloves and an antiseptic towlette to wipe the rescuer's hands after use. This device is also equipped with loops and can be worn on a belt.

Breathsaver Barrier Mask - $7.50 each

Item 104: Soft Flex Filter Mask - A terrific barrier device, this full nose-and-mouth mask is very similar to the Laerdal pocket mask. A non-rebreathing one-way valve keeps exhalation and reflux from the rescuer during ventilation. Oxygen inlet port for O2 enhancement. Comes in a plastic case.

Soft Flex Filter Mask - $9.95 each


Item 103: EMT Scissors - This staple instrument is common among emergency crews all over the world. Rugged 'penny-cutter' shears are used to cut away clothing on trauma patients, and slice seatbelts in cars.


EMT Scissors - $3.50 each

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