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At home training and refresher tool

The CPR Prompt Home Learning System is a powerful practice tool!

The Learning System is a comprehensive training kit which includes a video course, adult/child and infant manikins, and a learning guide.

CPR Prompt Learning System is the answer to the CPR student's main complaint - no opportunity to practice after the course! The system discusses skills for adult, child, and infant CPR. Easy to follow student guide answers common CPR questions. Included are high-quality training manikins which are yours to keep. An easy-to-use system which you can use to train your whole family for years for $59.99!

CPR Prompt Home Learning System is popular with:
EMS workers who wish to train their families
Family and friends of cardiac patients
Corporate/Industrial First Aid teams
Schools and daycare centers
New parents

CPR Prompt Home Learning System - $59.99. You can order on-line by using our secure order form or by calling 1-(888) CPR EMS1