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AED Program Management

If you've purchased an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) you should be congratulated - you have taken a proactive stride towards guaranteeing the health and safety of your facility.  Properly maintaining your AED program requires strict attention to detail, diligent tracking of program participants, and fine coordination of resources.  Many AED purchasers are quickly overwhelmed by the task of maintaining and managing their AED program.

At Less Stress Instructional Services, we specialize in this type of program coordination.  From a single unit to several hundred, we can provide the expertise and resources to run your AED program smoothly.  We stand ready to serve your AED program with features such as:

         AED sales and service

         Policy & procedure writing

         National medical control/direction

         Training and implementation all over the US

         Support for your unit regardless of brand

         Machine-specific training and maintenance - don't run a certification course on a unit generic AED - we have training units from all manufacturers

         AED maintenance software and tracking - your whole project will be databased and tracked electronically.   You will be able to view your project on-line at any time Click here to see a sample project on-line

If you find that keeping track of your AED program is difficult or time consuming, contact us to discuss letting us manage your project.  We can often provide this service at a surprisingly small cost. 

For more information about AED program management, contact us at jmateus@lessstress.com or call 888-277-3671.